Best Tip To Terminate Quickly Powerpoint Presentation

On the off chance that an introduction needs to end all of a sudden, you can navigate the rest of the slides, without halting to remark on them, however there’s a smoother and snappier contrasting option to get to the last slide – a method that is effortless to the point that your group of onlookers will never realize that they’ve missed piece of the introduction. To outline this alternate route strategy, we’ll include a custom activity catch that connects to the last slide in an introduction. By adding this activity catch to the Slide Master, the catch is accessible on all slides so you can click it whenever.

Hop to the end

To begin, open an introduction – any introduction will do, however I’ll be working with an introduction that includes four clear slides and a last slide that contains a rundown of moving credits. To add the activity catch to each slide, do the accompanying:

  • Tap the View tab and afterward click Slide Master in the Master Views gathering (Presentations Views aggregate in 2007) to open the slide ace. In PowerPoint 2003, pick Master from the View menu and after that select Slide Master.
  • Tap the Insert tab. At that point, in the Illustrations gathering, tap the Shapes download. From the base of the exhibition, pick the Custom activity catch. In PowerPoint 2003, activity catches are in the AutoShapes dropdown on the Drawing toolbar and the custom catch is the primary catch.
  • Drag over the slide, where you need to position the activity catch. Doing as such will dispatch the Action Settings exchange.
  • Tap the Hyperlink To choice.
  • Pick Last Slide from the dropdown.
  • Snap OK.

install office

office setup

In your introductions, you can be more particular. You should need to render the activity catch imperceptible or utilize a realistic component that is a piece of the outline rather than an activity catch. Rather than picking the Last Slide choice, you could pick the beside last or second from the last in the event that you have in excess of one shutting slide.

office 3

Come back to the Slide Master strip and snap Close Master View. Presently you’re prepared to run the introduction and attempt the new catch. To do as such, press [F5]. At the point when PowerPoint shows the principal slide, you’ll see the catch.

Try not to tap the slide to advance to the following slide. Rather, tap the catch, which will bounce to the last slide and quickly begin rolling the credits.


When you know the strategy, you can redo it to fit different needs. For example, you could add the hyperlinking component to a particular slide as opposed to the greater part of the slides so as to sidestep point by point data planned for a particular group of onlookers. That way you could utilize a similar introduction for two unique groups of onlookers.

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